Choreographers, Tunesmiths, Honorees

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Dances devised by local dancers

Anniversary Dance (2011)

by Paula Kelley, Martha Kent, and Val Medve for Carolan Festival hosts John and Fran Mallery, to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary

The Collaboration (2009)

By Paula Kelley and Val Medve, dedicated to the late Priscilla Burrage and the late Ben Stein, both long-time local dance leaders.

The Happily Married Man (2007)

By Paula Kelley for fellow dancer and friend Bruce Kokernot.

Love and Cherish (2009)

By Paula Kelley and Val Medve to celebrate the wedding of local dancers Larry Rice & Bonnie Farrow Rice.

Nazaré (2008)

By Val Medve for the late Marianne Taylor, beloved dance teacher and friend.

The Prince of Westborough (2006)

By Paula Kelley for her hiking and dancing friend Ken Prince.

Snow Angels (2011)

by Paula Kelley for fellow dancers and friends, Martha and Don Kent